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How to build your own RC Car

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How to build your own RC Car Racing an RC car is the dream of many hobbyists. However, the cost of purchasing an RC Car that fulfills both your wants and needs can be considerably expensive, and you’ll have to splurge to satisfy all your racing desires.  If it sounds like the dream of having your own fully geared and powerful RC car will never come true, don’t worry, there are always alternatives. Building the RC car of your choice may be the answer for you. It’s true that assembling your ideal RC Car can be a bit complicated, but its maintenance in the long run should be easy and effortless since you know the exact way the RC car is assembled. Creating your own RC car is also less expensive than buying a pre-made one. Using your own creativity and skill for the build, you have the benefit of choosing all the parts, accessories and details for your car. When you start your build and begin to gather parts, your goal should be to get the best quality parts you can find at a reasonable price. During your build, use effective techniques to ensure that the effort of purchasing the RC car accessories is not wasted. Keep in mind that you always need to read and follow instructions very carefully, so that you don’t put the fate of your car at risk.  In addition, don’t rush, allow yourself plenty of quality time to assemble your RC car. Here are 5 helpful tips to keep in mind while assembling your personal RC car: Read the Manual Thoroughly Before you begin to build your RC Car, always read the contents of the manual.  Be sure that you understand all the guidelines before starting so that you don’t get lost during the complicated process. Be sure that each step is followed exactly as written, this may save you from having to redo a step because of a mistake. Keep a Notebook and Pencil Handy You don’t want to lose any creative ideas that come to you.  This will allow you to jot down notes or make sketches as they come to mind. Set up a Great Workspace Find a place to work on your car where you’ll have enough space and where you will be able to work undisturbed. Get the Right Tools Having the right tool makes any job easier. Gather the appropriate tools that you’ll need to work on your car and keep them in your workspace. Storage To keep things organized, it’s a good idea to keep the small parts stored in    hardware trays, containers, or boxes. While constructing your RC Car, make            sure that all your things are separated and sorted out. This will make it much            easier to find what you’re looking for, as well as helping you maintain a clean      and orderly workspace. Building your own RC car can be the best way to get a maximum speed race car.  Even if you feel you don’t have the knowledge to construct your own personal RC car, you can always find a variety of ready-made RC cars perfect for you/that are just what you’re looking for.  If you’re searching for quality, affordable RC kits or parts, please don’t hesitate to visit us...

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HPI Racing Mini-Trophy

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Great video of the HPI Mini Trophy truck in action. If you are looking to get into the short course game, this is one of the best trucks for the money out there right now. This is the radio controlled, electric powered ready-to-run, 1/12 scale Mini-Trophy Desert Truck from HPI. FEATURES: Chassis: Nylon tub with inner roll cage Drive: Four wheel shaft Radio: HPI TF-1 27MHz 2-channel pistol grip with SF-1 steering servo Motor: HPI Firebolt 540 size, 15 turn Electronic Speed Control: HPI SC-15 with reverse Differential: Metal planetary gears Spur Gear: Composite construction 87 tooth, 48 pitch Pinion Gear: Steel construction 18 tooth, 48 pitch Ball Bearings: Full set Shocks: Composite body, oil-filled Body: Three-piece DT-1 painted and trimmed with race team graphics, realistic interior with two driver figures and two non-functional spare tires in bed of truck Suspension: 4-wheel independent with aluminum front and rear uprights Tires: Licensed Yokohama Geolander 1.3″ (34mm) wide, 3.7″ (94mm) diameter with foam inserts Wheels: Matte chrome finish 1″ (26mm) wide, 2.2″ (54mm) diameter 12mm hex Bumpers: Front and rear skid plate type Caster: Adjustable, caster/toe-in refers to the angle of the front suspension when viewed from the side of the car in relation to the chassis Camber: Non-adjustable, camber refers to the angle of the tops of the tires from vertical when viewed from front or behind vehicle Warranty: Two year limited through HPI beginning at date of purchase. Warranty valid only in the USA, Canada and South America. INCLUDES: RTR Mini-Trophy Desert Truck, 27MHz radio, steering servo, motor, ESC body and instruction manual REQUIRES: Battery: 6-cell NiMH stick pack with Standard connector Battery Charger: NiMH compatible, peak type AA Batteries: Eight for transmitter SPECS: Vehicle; Length: 21″ (533.4mm) Width: 9″ (233mm) Wheelbase: 12.3″ (312mm) Height: 6.4″ (162mm) Body; Length: 18.5″ (470mm) Width: 6.8″ (174mm) behind front wheels, narrowest point 8.3″ (210mm) at front fenders, widest point Height: 4.8″...

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Traxxas Rally VXL Ken Block Gymkhana Fiesta

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Traxxas Rally VXL Ken Block Gymkhana Fiesta

Check out the official video of the Traxxas Gymkhana Fiesta in action. Description: Brushless Speed, Gymkhana Precision, Authentic Ken Block/Monster Energy Graphics! In 2005, DC Shoes co-founder Ken Block entered his first pro rally race. At the end of the season, he was named Rally America Rookie of the Year. Today, Ken Block is one of the most recognized names in motorsports. Beyond his success in the Rally America and World Rally Championship series, Block is best known for his gymkhana skills, as over 85 million online video views will attest. In his specially-prepared Ford Fiesta Gymkhana car, Block combines laser-precise driving with tire-smoking fury to perform seemingly impossible moves. His on-road acrobatics require a vehicle that can deliver intense power through all four wheels, with the responsiveness and “feel” that only a finely tuned machine can provide. You can experience the challenge and satisfaction of executing that perfect slide between the pylons with the Traxxas radio controlled Ken Block Gymkhana Fiesta. This officially licensed special-edition race replica features the unmistakable Ken Block/Monster Energy graphics of Ken Block’s full-size Ford Fiesta competition car. Beneath the bodywork, Traxxas’ race-proven technology, full-time 4WD, and tire-spinning brushless horsepower thread the needle through the course with scalpel-like precision. The fun lasts for hours as you perfect the throttle and steering inputs to make each tire-blistering slide more perfect than the last. Revo Innovation, Tuned For The Street The Ken Block Gymkhana Fiesta utilizes the award-winning Revo’s F-1 inspired, rocker-actuated suspension system which has been expertly engineered for 1/16 Gymkhana driving right down to the oil-filled, threaded-body GTR shocks and rally-tuned progressive-rate springs. The all-wheel drive system rides on full ball-bearings and delivers smooth, efficient power through the Torque Control slipper clutch, planetary gear differentials, and Traxxas’ proven telescoping u-joint drive shafts. The suspension and driveline are fully integrated into the compact chassis. Intricately molded as a single piece, the chassis balances strength, weight, function and style in an impressive achievement of packaging and performance optimization that could only come from Traxxas. Velineon Brushless Speed and Power The Ken Block Gymkhana Fiesta’s VXL-3m speed control and Velineon® 380 motor represent the latest in brushless technology and shred the competition with class-leading speed and power. Right out of the box, the Fiesta thrills with 30+mph on the included 6-cell NiMH battery. Install an optional, second 6-cell battery to unleash the Velineon Brushless Power System’s full fury, and speeds jump to over 50mph with affordable, proven-safe NiMH packs. It’s never been so easy to go so fast! Fully LiPo compatible with low-voltage detection for 2S and 3S packs and rated for 6-12 NiMH cells, the potent, powerful Velineon power system gives you precise throttle control and blistering top speed. Patent-pending Training Mode™ lets new drivers hone their skills at 50% throttle. This allows young or new drivers to safely develop their control skills before unleashing 50+mph speed with the touch of the EZ-Set® button. Big speed requires big horsepower, so the Gymkhana Fiesta carries the largest motor in its size category. The Velineon 380 features high-speed ball bearings, Sintered rotor, Neodymium magnets, and Gold plated 3.5mm connectors. It all adds up to 50,000 rpm of pure power and track-searing speed! Waterproof Electronics For No-Limits R/C Excitement Just like Ken Block, the Gymkhana Fiesta doesn’t slow down...

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Nice RC wheels and tires

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From our custom rc cars, trucks and buggies series. Really nice looking wheels and tires. Not sure it would be very functional off a jump though.

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RC cars!

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Everyone who engages in Racing Sports have a defying aspiration – to WIN a race. To experience a glorifying thrill of run is one thing, but winning is another. With the aim of winning, one is privileged with a set of rules, and when one is privileged, one must follow. One of these rules is to actually have a personal RC Car. Okay, so you just have to purchase your own remote control race car, but it doesn’t end there! We are in fact talking about winning here. To win means you cannot afford to settle for something less. But also, it doesn’t mean it should cost you. We are talking about Quality RC cars. Quality aims for something that satisfies speed and, the same time, lasts a lifetime of service. Nowadays, it is often as usual that race enthusiasts put up with a dilemma of having a cost-effective toy car that is actually considered a quality in race performance. Some settle for RC cars that are insanely cheap but promises them only a short span of race life. Some settle for those that are way too expensive but chances of winning are still too far from reach. So, to further be of assistance with quality choices of toy cars that would certainly assure you of an excellence in speed, strength, and durability, do take the privilege to check out our website at http://www.nitrokings.com/ to experience a variety of not only RC cars, but also, we have RC trucks, RC choppers, and RC boats. Our site offers you deals that are certainly cost-effective. We assure you can have them at prices in its lowest! Winning shouldn’t be at all costly, at the same time, it doesn’t mean you should settle for something less than the winning quality gadgets. You just have to make the right choice of quality toy cars like http://www.nitrokings.com/ has so much to...

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Easy Shot Clip in RC Car Race

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Another example of the Easy Shot Clip camera. This is on-board an electric rc car during a race.

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Rev It Up With Nitro Radio Controlled Cars

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Rev it up with Nitro RC Cars! Is there any better way to get your adrenaline pumping than behind the controls of RC cars? RC racing, or remote control racing, also known as radio remote controlled car, is quickly growing as a hobby that appeals to both young and old, men and women alike. The drastic change brought by the dawn of technology made the RC world evolve from what it used to be just a few years ago. Theres now RC racing and showcasing events that can bring on the excitement and thrills of a real NASCAR or F1 racing. There are also a lot of magazines dedicated to this new hobby for the bad boys and girls alike. And not to mention, a wide array of rc cars and trucks are readily available in the market for racing enthusiasts out there. So if youre just sitting around looking for a something new, or something thats actually worthwhile and fun you might want to read on about this great hobby.The selection of rc cars is huge and growing everyday. And there is a growing market for different kinds of rc cars like petrol rc cars, tamiya radio controlled cars and many others. Are you looking for the fastest cars available and were talking about real fast or are you looking for something cool and really fun that maybe you can pull a few tricks with as well? Then a nitro rc car is for you! When it comes to brute, power and torque, nothing can beat nitro powered rc cars and buggies. This gas powered RC cars uses a unique type of fuel called nitro methane or nitro for short, which is a mixture of nitro methane, methanol and oil. If you’re thinking that this fuel sounds exactly like what the real dragsters run, you’re absolutely right!! The only difference is that a radio controlled car doesn’t have to be a dragster to burn nitro. They all burn it! They rip off every road with the noise and exhaust that adds to the excitement of the crowd. Plus, isnt it thrilling to hear the real hum of an electric motor? Choosing your nitro vehicle is the fun part! Offroad Nitro RC Trucks – Can take on huge jumps and be driven almost anywhere no matter how rough the terrain. Combination of speed, power, and durability make them perfect for beginners to the hobby. Onroad Nitro Gas Powered RC Cars – Designed to be raced on the street, at the track, or any prepared surfaces. Fastest top speeds but easier to damage if crashed. Smaller size makes it lowest priced of the nitro kits and an excellent value. 4WD Offroad Nitro Buggies – When you want the ultimate in speed, acceleration, handling, durability, and absolute fun! There are lots of styles to choose from but it is highly suggested for beginners to start with a ready to run vehicle like from Traxxas, Team Associated, Kyosho, and HPI Racing. Racing nitro cars and nitro drift cars is the most exciting and thrilling part of the rc car hobby. Whether its on the track of an organized race, in the street, in the fields or just on your own backyard against your friends, nothing beats the power, speed, sound, smell and...

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Two RC trucks out in the snow

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Nice high quality video of two RC trucks out in the snow.

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A custom HPI Savage

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From our custom rc cars, trucks and buggies series. This is a custom HPI Savage.

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Some RC truck and buggy bashing in the snow

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Some RC truck and buggy bashing in the snow somewhere in Sweden. Includes a kyosho inferno mp and a Traxxas T-maxx trx 2.5. One of the  best rc video so far. 20 feet high jumps, backflips double backflip and even a tripple backflip with my kyosho inferno mp 7,5 powered by a RB s7W engine. You will also se a traxxas T-maxx trx 2,5 in this video

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