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RC Axial Wraith – Rock Crawler

RC Axial Wraith – Rock Crawler

By on Apr 14, 2011 in Axial, slider | 0 comments

Racing cars became the greatest addiction for most of the racist who want to experience once in a lifetime thrill and adventure. Today, there are several high-end models that rampantly existed and are introduced to cater this hobby that grows to be increasingly popular everywhere. Can bear the roar, yell and squeal of the crowd as these RC cars startled to drift speedily in the track? Not only are those, people of any age and gender immensely became fanatics of this game. The luring passion underlying beneath the depthless enthusiasm to win the battle what makes the entire game exciting. And for those who push themselves towards victory, a variety of options for RC cars emerged. One of the sonorous names of cars that withstand eternal rise in the world of racing cars is the all-the-rage Axial Wraith™ Ready-to-Run 1/10th Electric 4WD Rock Racer. Its existence brought about optimal speed, exciting game and a hilarious ride. But you’ll certainly love the stunning features it has. This is said to be the pioneer for AXIAL equipped with full-tube frame carcass design and is crafted out of durable composite materials. It has been proven by various hobbyists that Wraith is built to go fast and isn’t just a deliberate ROCK CRAWLER. Axial cars are established with nominal creep capacities making it renowned and highly favored by most of the racist. Wraith provides car enthusiasts with versatile amenities sufficing the demands of vast racists. Apart from that, here are the stunning characteristics that you’ll indisputably love about Axial Cars: • Off Center Pumpkin Design The four-wheel locked differentials are incorporated to augment the grip and the pumpkin offers an elaborate driveshaft angle. The rear axle is made from durable materials which are of low flex rate but it isn’t that brittle like glass filled nylon. • 4-Link Suspension This system permits the RC Cars to diminish axle steer and have appropriate number of anti-squat and roll features. This suspension used up high power applications. • Switches (on and off) These are located under the dash and are used to regulate the drivability of RC cars. • 20T Motor There are obstructing factors that are quite inevitable as you set off your Axial...

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