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Rev It Up With Nitro Radio Controlled Cars

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Rev it up with Nitro RC Cars! Is there any better way to get your adrenaline pumping than behind the controls of RC cars? RC racing, or remote control racing, also known as radio remote controlled car, is quickly growing as a hobby that appeals to both young and old, men and women alike. The drastic change brought by the dawn of technology made the RC world evolve from what it used to be just a few years ago. Theres now RC racing and showcasing events that can bring on the excitement and thrills of a real NASCAR or F1 racing. There are also a lot of magazines dedicated to this new hobby for the bad boys and girls alike. And not to mention, a wide array of rc cars and trucks are readily available in the market for racing enthusiasts out there. So if youre just sitting around looking for a something new, or something thats actually worthwhile and fun you might want to read on about this great hobby.The selection of rc cars is huge and growing everyday. And there is a growing market for different kinds of rc cars like petrol rc cars, tamiya radio controlled cars and many others. Are you looking for the fastest cars available and were talking about real fast or are you looking for something cool and really fun that maybe you can pull a few tricks with as well? Then a nitro rc car is for you! When it comes to brute, power and torque, nothing can beat nitro powered rc cars and buggies. This gas powered RC cars uses a unique type of fuel called nitro methane or nitro for short, which is a mixture of nitro methane, methanol and oil. If you’re thinking that this fuel sounds exactly like what the real dragsters run, you’re absolutely right!! The only difference is that a radio controlled car doesn’t have to be a dragster to burn nitro. They all burn it! They rip off every road with the noise and exhaust that adds to the excitement of the crowd. Plus, isnt it thrilling to hear the real hum of an electric motor? Choosing your nitro vehicle is the fun part!...

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Some RC truck and buggy bashing in the snow

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Some RC truck and buggy bashing in the snow somewhere in Sweden. Includes a kyosho inferno mp and a Traxxas T-maxx trx 2.5. One of theĀ  best rc video so far. 20 feet high jumps, backflips double backflip and even a tripple backflip with my kyosho inferno mp 7,5 powered by a RB s7W engine. You will also se a traxxas T-maxx trx 2,5 in this...

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Easy Shot Clip Outdoor & Diving Kit – ULTRA MINI WATERPROOF DIGITAL VIDEO CAMERA The easy shot clip video camera can make a great gift for Christmas. It’s perfect for all outdoor and indoor action sports. You can now record fun videos under or above water in wet or harsh environments with the Easy Shot Clip Ultra Mini Digital Video Camera and its waterproof housing combo. The kit also includes mounting clips and brackets so you can attach the camera anywhere you want and enjoy hands free recording in any environments. The waterproof housing has built-in UV filter for quality video recording underwater up to 100 ft / 30m. The Easy Shot Clip Outdoor Kit is perfect for use in diving, skiing, kayaking, cycling and other sporting...

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