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The Enigma behind Traxxas Grinder Advance Auto 2WD Monster Truck

By on Mar 3, 2011 in Traxxas | 0 comments

Traxxas 1/10 Grinder Advance Auto 2WD Monster Truck RTR TRA3602A

For RC die-hard lovers, being an off-road RC car owner could be one of the most rewarding experiences one could ever have.¬† The deafening crowd as the car speed by so swiftly, the overwhelming anticipation of the rc car fanatics as it drifts to the finish line. Well, the boisterous noise is being roared by just a thing, an off road car who made every hobbyist hooked with thrilling excitement. RC cars of diverse variety are put into existence to invigorate the passion of toy car fanatics. The fast growing RC car industry is both a leisure pursuit for old and the young. One of the trusted brands to give you the desired breathtaking ride is the Nitro off road cars. Maybe you might ask, how should I commence the race and obtain the latest model apt for my purpose? For sure, as you read on through this article you’ll have the best option to become instantly in with the craze of toy cars.

Traxxas which is known to be the official hobby class radio control truck is pompous to announce the two most up-to-date models of off-road trucks: the legendary grave digger and the Advance Auto Parts Grinder are fully assembled to cruise the track. Grave digger is even patterned with green ladder bars and bumpers to captivate the ominous look of Monster’s Jam competitors. ¬†Furthermore, the tires built up for Jam models are purposely designed to obtain such an authentic and forceful look whenever this car set out to race.

On the other hand, when speed is talked much, jam models are crafted with a Titan 12-turn 550 customized with Magnum transmission to push the Grave digger on the go for over 30mph. A cooler is also provided to deliver utmost speed, acceleration and of course prolonged life of the motor.

Ultimately, Traxxas will absolutely make the crowd grow wild and turn the world of hobbyists into grave addiction and will provide the thrilling ride. Traxxas are born to resist against the obstacles of mud flow, snow and other conditions. This model will deliberately grant you the freedom to cruise wherever places that isn’t possible before. Traxxas which is a product of ingenuity can be coined as a wondrous innovation and a new avenue towards thrilling adventure and ride.

The power of 12-turn motor enables the Traxxas to produce high-level performance and geared the car with speed control. It also possesses Training mode which is intended for novice hobbyist who intended to learn driving the car before unveiling the mighty Titan 12-turn motor. That’s why Grave Digger and Grinder are both ideal for cruisers of any age and skill who long to experience an exhilarating ride.

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